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PC engines APU2, Debian Stretch and watchdog

I bought a very cool APU2 from PC engines.

Installing Debian Stretch

Very easy:

Watchdog tricks

Once the APU crashed for some reason while I was away, which is very annoying as it is my main router. Thankfully, the APU2 has a hardware watchdog. Unfortunately, it’s a bit buggy so we need to blacklist the i2c-piix4 module and load spi5100_tco ASAP.

So, do the following:

# apt install watchdog
# vim /etc/watchdog.conf # uncomment watchdog-device
# echo blacklist i2c_piix4 > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist_piix.conf
# echo spi5100_tco >> /etc/initramfs-tools/modules
# update-initramfs -k all -u 

Adding spi5100_tco seems to be necessary to have the module reliably find the MMIO.