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Let's Encrypt cron with acme-tiny

So, Let’s Encrypt is awesome, even if the official client is a terrifying beast. I chose to use acme-tiny and this post is a quick HOWTO.


1 1 21 * *	letsencrypt umask 033; python /usr/local/acme-tiny/ --account-key /etc/letsencrypt/user.key --csr /etc/letsencrypt/site.csr --acme-dir /var/www/.well-known/acme-challenge/ > /tmp/site.crt && cat /tmp/site.crt > /etc/ssl/certs/site.crt
10 1 21 * * root service apache2 reload

Just a caveat, Let’s Encrypt does not easily support challenges over HTTPS, so configure a redirect from http to https :

<VirtualHost *:80>
        Redirect permanent /